the yellow name- thumbnail.png

We are here,
joined by a common urge to relay messages:
biologically, physically, verbally, digitally
dare I say telepathically.

I dedicate the yellow name to the force of public offerings.  

Among me is a crowd of permanent students like myself 
As I continue speaking to you, I am speaking to me, always. 
More and many to come in the spirit of service.

When Announcing Your Name


speak with conviction

fall in love 

with each syllable said

with the tone your voice carries 

and the base it drops

Say it like your mom and her mother do

You will rise to the calling of your name

Place intention there

Tune into that



Claiming my God Black

One which spreads wide across


Omniscient Consciousness

a sixth sense stream

genderless, formless,

bound to no planet

nor mass of land

The energy wave that spins my earth

And any all more


Higher me


a deity named



Spans of mass I have imagined

In this fleshly me made perfect


And my spirit feels God Grander

God the spirit of your God plus mine

And any all 

from any time

Combined by the mind

to Co create


Mind full, Breathing

At last I taught myself breath though at first I  believed it came naturally


Suffocated in hardship I discovered just how involuntary breathing could be 

I fell in love with the wind and learned to ride my frequency by way of the will to discern 

inhale then hold on and exhale to go on


In this exercise we are made alert

now to watch twice as hard 


listening double the message 

speaking wholly with half of the words


The bottom of a staircase can hold years worth of feelings



the footsteps of all holidays passed

The sacred kiss of images lives long in that way too

Captured memories, portals we dive into for the puncturing sensation,