are joined by a common urge to relay messages: biologically, physically, verbally, digitally...dare I say telepathically.


I dedicate this to the necessity of public offerings. 


I learn through flexing between entropy and discipline. 

I find that there is a large crowd of permanent students among me as well. 


As I continue speaking to you, I am speaking to myself, almost always. 


More and many to come in the spirit of service.

When Announcing Your Name

Please speak with conviction

fall in love 

with each syllable said

with the tone your voice carries 

and the base it drops

Say it like your mom and her mother do


I didn't pronounce it like my mom

I pronounced it like the teachers who never tried more


I want to teach the young Yahaira within me to say her name 


To show up for her intentions and never act without them


To realize eating, sleeping, and moving as intuitive

To move in peace


Recognize the intersections between self love and holistic health

Those are everyday commitments too


Do not to take anyone's advice too harshly

Do not deliver advice too harshly


Claiming my God Black

One which spreads wide across



Of sixth sensient streams

genderless, formless,

bound to no planet

nor mass of land

The energy wave that spins my earth

And any all more

And any all less


Higher me


God as my personalized consciousness


a deity of reflection


Spans of mass I have imagined

In this fleshly me made perfect


And my spirit feels God Grander

God the spirit of your God plus mine

And any all 

from any time

Combined by the mind to Co create


We are chewing and producing

Some crave indigestible product


Mindful Breathing

The time I taught myself to breath 

Did I ever do it before?


All prior hardships...

never burdened my lungs 

When I began to dream by day

the day began to feel like many days 

More meaning and purpose full


When sifting reality, my  frequency is determined by my will to discern

If I hold on -- inhale

If I let go -- exhale


In this exercise that belongs to you and I, we are sharpened

to watch twice as hard 

to listen double the message 

to speak a whole with half of the words


Down the spiral wooden stairs 

In the basement of the Rivera residence

Exists a mark where I am 3 years old


This montage of memories won't remind you of puerto rico

Or the 80s

Or even the early 2000s

Though those times are flashed in the capture of the piece.


It connects my heart to remember that Mami Mama once turned 40

The same age her nieta, my mom,



While I look at pictures of Mami, the oldest in her crew of cousins

I think of how I fill that role too


My generation added Tarr, Lopez, Ramirez and Florez 

Each image layed together glues our hearts home every reunion


I pray to save  images as memories ‘for I go