• Yahaira Muyea Tarr

Afriquena w/ Zolita

Interview by Maxx Aguilar

June 27,2021 (Chicago,IL)

Record/Transcribe/Edit by Yahaira Tarr


What does Djing events as an artist, as a musical artist, bring you?


I sort of think it depends on the crowd, like I– I’m a negro, a negress, I am a chicagoan, I am trans interecting with, ya’ know, femininity and all those things so I give, ya’ know, a sonic performance from that experience – but I want to like embrace that for like Black folk in space. I don’t play music for white people, I don’t give a fuck what white people think


You have a lot of intentions when you’re going into it, so it sounds like– would you say, with your musical practice as a whole?


I would say so, like I literally– I find a like, catharsis and healing from like music in general and creating music. That’s how I process my feelings, my emotions and like, like… some of my more gruesome soul wrenching thoughts… um, but yeah I find that like… those experiences and those moments of having to process things in that specific way (like sonically, musically) are more often than not shareable with other individuals who have a similar experience– in identity.

What are you hearing, what are you experiencing, what is feeding you, what is changing you, what is shaping your sonic identity and experience, like that’s really what niggas are pulling from. And when I say niggas I use that word very intentionally like, thats what niggas are pulling from.

It’s what I was like fed and what I had poured into me as a child like, in church, at The Rink, at like niggas houses, at the cookout! Like literally everywhere, at my aunty house.

M: Something I’m working through specifically is like finding motivation and energy like within my own home– how do you stay motivated to keep making work?


I get a huge release and catharsis from Djing especially when I have a really good flow or I feel that I am creating sounds and rhythms and patterns that feel resonance in my soul damn near.

M: Is it easy for you to tap into that when it’s just you at home? Or?


No it depends! Like honestly I think it’s more powerful and more charged when I see people receiving it with me.


I would say that too. It’s that exchange of energy, it's a relationship, you have a relationship with every single person that’s listening to you.


I agree

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