• Yahaira Muyea Tarr

Afriquena w/ ALIAH

Her platinum blonde curls grace video-shoots and photoshoots that she conceptualizes and produces on her own! ALIAH is doing it all in terms of publishing and building her platform as a recording artist and creative director.

Since around 7 years old ALIAH found herself coming up with melodies and writing down her own lyrics, “my dad used to DJ for his friends” so music was always in the vicinity. ALIAH began sharing her voice at 16 years old, “as soon as I learned that I could record it I started putting it out on Soundcloud immediately.” You can still find that history here. Today there are projects by ALIAH on apple music, spotify, and she keeps her soundcloud up to date.

By day she works at an agency creating different kinds of ads for brand exposure. Though her education did not particularly align with her passion for music, ALIAH is continuously inspired by her work environment. When she was in highschool she knew she had to go to college, “my parents expected me to and wouldn’t pay for school for music.” She shared that her parents want her to pursue both careers and she has found joy in doing both. Currently she is continuing her education in a free portfolio school for Black creatives.

When looking at her branding work thus far there's a plethora of original concepts such as a cocktail campaign where she mixed 3 drinks based on song titles from her most recent EP FLUX/FLOW.

“Everything I do is from learning on youtube and googling.”

Speaking of, on her youtube channel you can find content like the process of creating FLUX/FLOW, made during quarantine. She plays some more with this term “bottling feelings” in an original show called Sounds and Rounds found on her channel as well!

A consistent trend of ALIAH’s sound on the EP is her soulful, melodic and peaceful tonality. This is similar to her earlier releases. If you are reading this as a producer, know that ALIAH feels typecasted at times and “would like to move more into upbeat sounds.” Similar to her father, she is “willing to break into production.”

If you have any upcoming outdoor events ALIAH is available for bookings and you can keep up with her on IG here

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