• Yahaira Muyea Tarr

Afriquena w/ itoldLexi

On a warm day in August Lexi joined my call on her mid morning walk. She was taking the day off, about to grab lunch with her dad. We jumped into her whole musical world and more.

Since she was a toddler her parents (and neighbors) could hear an obvious talent when it came to itoldLexi’s voice. At 7 years old she entered a 10 year relationship with the Chicago Children's Choir, an organization she continues to work with in her adult career. She credits CCC for creating industry opportunities during her childhood and beyond. As she honed in on her vocal training she picked up other instruments such as the guitar and piano, and took it upon herself to inquire with these teachers about songwriting.

Fast forward to Undergrad, Lexi studied Professional Music with an emphasis of choice: songwriting, at Berklee College of Music. She says it was her “first time going to school for something I loved. In retrospect it made the workload easier to digest.” During her time at Berklee she released her first EP With Love, Lexi featuring her single You Promised. Fun fact: that single was a homework assignment in a “Pop Styles” class.

As a member of the graduating class of 2021, and due to the virtual graduation experience, she had to “become open to celebrating what you’ve done the past 4 years.” After hearing about how itoldLexi spent the rest of her year it is clear to see there has been much to celebrate and more to come.

Since first planting roots in her home city of Chicago, the undergraduate experience added Boston and Spain as places where Lexi imprinted her artistry. Post grad life and the transition from independent to signed brought Lexi to LA, Atlanta, and London. Lexi signed with Preach Records almost a year ago on February 24th, 2021 and has “done more photo shoots in the last 2 months than I’ve ever done in my life.” She is working with new producers from all over.

Lexi is “really happy to be done and dedicate more time to my craft outside of school work.” Balancing work and play has brought her to “a really good mental space with myself which is new to me.” She loves styling herself for photoshoots and has really grasped the importance of fashion for her lifestyle and branding purposes- she clued us in to expect more from her in that realm!

You can keep up with itoldLexi on all streaming platforms as well as social media (Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). On Instagram she engages with her fan bases by opening dialogue utilizing the story function. On any given day you can look forward to question boxes and polls with discussion topics relating to life and love and anything in between. She wants “to let people know I value your support. I value your input. I want to know what you want to see from me!”

Feedback informs her songwriting process, “writing is storytelling similar to Oral tradition, songwriting sometimes is true life events and sometimes it’s dramatized events or someone else’s stories.” With a base in choir and a self proclaimed sultry style, we are keeping our ears open, ItoldLexi.

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