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Afriquena w/ Jasmine Mariposa

As she was packing for her 2nd staycation in Costa Rica, Jasmine Mariposa picked up the phone and took some time to chat. We connected on our Black existence within the Latine community. Jasmine shared how ancestral this trip was for her, given that her family comes from Latin America.

Mariposa has spent the last 4 years diving into the initial curiosity of “angels, aurus, and crystals.” She noticed herself becoming less and less inclined to eating meats that have been mass produced by amerikkkan corporations. As her sensitivity to the energy around her increased, Jasmine began further researching witchcraft and spirituality. This exploration has brought Mariposa to the path of a self-defined spirituality. She welcomes guides as well when she feels called to catalyze her spiritual path, like @sixth.sense.sammi whom she worked with in the summer of 2020.

During her 18th year of life, Jasmine felt called to dive deeper into the practice of ancestral work. Around this same time, spirit activity increased around the house, and items began to move from where they had been placed. Instances like this have been typical for her and her family, but this particular experience was special – it sparked a conversation between Jasmine and her mother, and Jasmine shared a description of an ancestral spirit that had come to her in meditation.

Astounded, her mother said that when she was the same age, her mother went through a tough time, and was visited by, what she had thought to be, her guardian angel that matched Jasmine’s description exactly – a petite, brown woman in a long, green dress with curly hair tied back in a bun. It was a beautiful moment of mutual confirmation and synchronicity.

The more Jasmine “connected into Spirit/the Universe,” she recalls her “energy opened up in a different way” and she began to emit a “different type of light.”

While growing into her creative expression and psychic abilities, she maintains strong boundaries: “don’t pour from an empty cup.” On her journey, she is called to share her path as a means of supporting those who are drawn to her creations, her work, and her word.

As Jasmine was pulled into this mind, body, and spirit connection, she felt called to immerse herself fully, and as she shares her gifts, realizations, and experiences, she is divinely called to dive deeper and deeper.

Among her offerings are tarot readings, energy readings, articles, mediumships (connecting folks with their ancestors and other guides), spiritual mentorships, and more! You can book her services on her website at jasminemariposa.com/links as well as by subscribing to her patreon at patreon.com/jasminemariposa .

For visual art, music, intuitive messages and more, make sure to give her IG a follow @ instagram.com/lovednymph . Personally I am enjoying her “critter chronicles” as she navigates insects in the jungle!

Take some extra time for this poem from Jasmine!

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