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Afriquena w/: Ronnie Prints

I randomly asked Ronnie if I could put one of our conversations on the record for this interview. We were on the topic of anxiety, discussing coping mechanisms and landed on artistic practices as a means of healing.

She feels that art is a way to “pass through anxiety, letting it flow out” and also disclosed that it can soothe more than one aspect of mental health like her experiences with OCD (obsessions and compulsions of the mind and body that may feel intrusive/involuntary).

“With each print you fuck up a little bit... this is how life is, art taught me to let go.”

As a child Ronnie was into alternate realities like sims and fashion styling video games. In her current practice she believes “the computer is my friend, photoshop is like magic.” When you visit her portfolio at RonniePrints.com you will find her graphic art which incorporates but is not limited to silk screen and printmaking. Fashion has remained a staple in her work from customized 1s and heels to her “Niggas Matter” original hoodies and “Power To The People” tee shirts. Her most recent collection is called “Black Is Beautiful” a collaboration between Ronnie and her brother, Bert. This collection introduced trucker hats and bandeaus to the shop at Ronnie Prints.

As you enjoy these images of this latest drop consider donating $1-$100 + to Berts Go Fund Me. Help support him through an inhumane covid19 experience and the racism that is the incarceration system. https://gofund.me/e9e281b5

“Free My Niggas” print tee collection

The works mentioned just scratch the surface of all Ronnie has shared thus far and what has yet to come.

“The stories I tell here aren’t that different from the stories Black people are telling in other places,” Ronnie dove into the influence that travel has had on her artistry and life. “Traveling makes me feel like I can have any life I want to, it’s limitless. Same essentials, different vibe. It felt like a sunset filter [when] traveling to Africa the first time.”

Faith was a huge theme in our convo as it always is, she said “beliefs are like freedom, a mix of knowing and trying.”

Family is at the heart of what Ronnie has created and offered, her photoshoots and projects include siblings, parents, ancestral image decoration, and chosen family members.

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