• Yahaira Muyea Tarr

Afriquena w/ Sydfalls

Currently you may know SydFalls as an international DJ whose music is fusing the techno and twerk scenes among many other genres. Or you may know them as an internationally published model with striking braided hairstyles. I had the privilege of learning about their journey thus far when it comes to artistic practices and expressions. Since childhood SydFalls has worked with their senses to create. Through their practices they believe “it was the same source that was fueling each medium.”

As a multifaceted creator they began in fine arts drawing the world in front of them as young as six years old. As a teen they continued to work with moments that the eye could see as they developed an affinity for the camera. Drawing was incorporated in this practice to map out their visions before execution. They began practicing with their siblings as muses in industrial settings around Chicago heights.

Around that time they were playing instruments such as the guitar and the piano. I even remember admiring original fashion designs and styles they would share online. It’s safe to say there are no bounds to creation, especially when it comes to SydFalls!

They are inspired by duality, art, life, and the realizations that come with it all. They evolve in their crafts “as new mediums become available” and though they are currently booked, Djing city to city, they have “never dropped a craft.”

As a young adult they are excited to DJ in Chicago which is their home. They have noticed that “people in Chicago have similar sonic triggers from childhood.” If you are unfamiliar… house, drill, juke, and certain genres of jazz and blues come from Chicago! SydFalls says “when we from Chicago hear juke we feel something.”

If i’m cleaning the house or in the mood for a solo dance party I’m definitely hitting up their soundcloud and you should too (links below)


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