• Yahaira Muyea Tarr

Afriquena with MX Design

At MX Designs a gradient, futuristic style is emerging in the fine arts and graphic works of Maxx Aguilar. Their flyers, posters, paintings and animations make their audience feel like we are in digital rooms filled with color, texture, and anatomy to name a few characteristics of Maxx’s art.

Maxx is a 21 year old artist taking time to grow into their crafts and fields as an interdisciplinary artist. When reflecting on their artistic journey they knew that they “wanted to create more art but felt inferior” in their abilities. If they met today's version of themself at 12 years old it would be no surprise to see MX designs and Aguilars’ digital/ fine art; all “shock” would be attributed to seeing how they grew into these spaces. They shared “12 year old Maxx would be like ‘you’re so cool! What are they/them pronouns?’ They would be happy that I didn’t let puberty force me into a path of pleasing societal expectations of gender and fashion and artistry.”

On MAXXISDIGITAL.COM we find that Aguilar’s portfolio expands to include ux/ui/website designs and logos!

Aguilar has a background in bike mechanics and has been upcycling bike parts and fashioning them into jewelry such as chains, earrings, belts, and harnesses. They shared that the knowledge of being a mechanic informs their relationship to Art and Design. Working with many mediums has allowed them to find “interconnectedness” across different kinds of projects.

By day, they are a Media Arts and Sciences major at Wellesley College. This major combines computer science and visual arts/ art history. Maxx told me they think their major is influential on their work because it allows them to add structure to their art practice and they learned how to build their own website portfolio. The blending of these studies is very on brand for MX (Maxx).

Since launching their portfolio and instagram they have filled orders for their jewelry line, sold t-shirts with their designs, and taken commissions for their various services. It has been just over a year and we are sure there’s much that is yet to come from the world of MX Designs.

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