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Afriquena w/ Cameron Williams

When I asked Cameron Williams about his support system he had a relatable source of motivation, being doubted. When he was younger he launched his “foundation of a creative work”, Jvrrett Apparel. We are talking about flash mob fashion shows in Downtown Chicago, runway shows, photo shoots, and galleries presenting live models in hand made garments at sixteen years old. Though his mother recognized him as an artist (he was attending The Chicago High School for the Arts) when Williams came to her with these elaborate ideas she could not see the possibilities because they all sounded like they would cost a lot of money.

Time and time again Cameron proved her wrong but she never let up on the pressure for him to perform as an entrepreneur, not just an artist. She wanted to see a return on these grand investments. Personally, he didn’t feel called to the sales aspect of the industry for many years after his first launch.

Later on as Williams prepared for his first day of college in New York City, he had already begun his first day of work in the fashion industry out there. This was the outcome of hours spent researching internships with stylists across the big apple. Eighteen years old, straight out of Chicago with an astounding portfolio on his back (including designs featured in Vogue) he knew he had “four years to do everything I could possibly do” and did! He took full advantage of being in a position of privilege “not like a trust fund, but eating up student loans” to stay in NYC.

There was a particularly meditative moment of our facetime when Cameron expressed how tightly Jesus holds him. He grabbed a white curtain in his room and shook it so fluidly showcasing how it feels to be guided and “never let down.” Many blessings came his way as he studied in NYC. Continuing to work in the fashion industry Williams landed internships with Paper magazine, Louis Vuitton and Gucci in that order. He expanded Jvrrett Apparel which now features hand dyed clothing and still highlights monochromatic color schemes. He admittedly still hesitated with the business component as the brand redirected, maybe I couldn’t sell it because it was “always on my body.” Williams is “always producing” but not always sharing, he is “intentional and selective about releasing to the masses.”

For instance, his latest endeavor is COMPANY, a digital magazine about fashion on www.instagram.com/ccompanyyy where you can find original articles and graphic designs highlighting the latest and greatest of high end fashion including artists, models, and influencers. The account was private for 3 months before publicly launching at the start of quarantine.

Over the years he has worked to truly see himself and beat that thing called imposter syndrome. He says being questioned by his mom overtime was “good because it kept me humble and without ego.” A message for us all. Post grad, Cameron is currently remaining in New York City and we are so excited to continue supporting his journey.

Stay up to date with the works and updates he decides to share on www.instagram.com/jvrrett.t and www.Instagram.com/jvrrett.jvrrett.jvrrett

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