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The Official Inside Look: Haus Of Phantom NYFW SS 22/23

(Image captured by Jae Mercado IG: _jaemercado ;Models as pictured from left to right: Heart (IG: teenagehearthrobb) Cyan (IG: royal.bluue) Brea (IG: breabeale) Yari (IG: yariyogini) Tru (IG: the.modeltru) Nae (IG: its_naeeee) and Haven (IG: haventheartist))

“It’s good to have lots of mentors, people who have been where you’re at.” Dante Phantom shared this with the few models and photographers left after the flash mob in Times Square on February 11th, 2022.

Earlier that day, high pony’s and #PhantomPleat ‘s strutted onto 7th Ave in red. The theme? Dante's Inferno. Those downtown were quickly encapsulated.

Trails followed as the cohort ascended the ruby red bleachers and commanded an audience.

Weeks and years worth of effort– 30+outfits to be exact– went into this. Established in 2014, Haus of Phantom showcases the Phantom Pleat (#PhantomPleat), the FIRST brand to popularize the highly imitated exposed pleat(s) on acrylic #PhantomPhabric.

"They don't know we an endangered species?!" Dante rung this reminder in reference to the drastic mortality rate of young Black Trans women, may their spirits rest in peace. A call to protect, honor and recognize Black Trans life/art & design.

(Images captured by Monica (IG: shotsbymoni) and Patrick (IG: shotsbyless))

A month before the pre-show/ show combo, Dante held 4 casting calls. There were 7 models shown above for the pre- show. 20 models graced the runway the next day (February 12th, 2022) on Wall street.

(Image captured by Ashé Davis (IG: shayshotit) ; Models from left to right: E (IG: luvlye) Heart (IG: teenagehearthrobb) Ann Marie (IG: annmarie.kamau) Nae (IG: its_naeeee) Jerald (IG: jerrramos) Cyan (IG: royal.bluue) and Iniko (IG: inikokaithornell))

Holding her identity near and dear in everything she does, Phantom curated a masterpiece. It was the colors of the Caribbean, it was on colored people time! For 6 hours from 6pm to 12am Haus Of Phantom made sure everyone in the room had the opportunity to mingle and connect.

(Images captured by Ashé Davis (IG: shayshotit)

(From left to right: Edina Grace, Nate Hun, Athena, Portia)

(Images captured by Ashé Davis (IG: shayshotit)

(From left to right: Iniko, Portia, Jasmin)

(Images captured by Ashé Davis (IG: shayshotit)

(From left to right: Cyan, Nae, E)

(Images captured by Andrew Espinal (IG: andrewespinal)

(From left to right: Heart, Brea, Ann Marie)

(From left to right: Yari, Isaiah, Danasia)

(From left to right: E, KC, Karai)

Makeup artist Pam (IG: pamxl.a), models Iniko (IG: inikokaithornell), KC (IG: kelvin.sabando), Luc (IG: luc.bourassa), Sebastian (IG: sebastianroah) and social media strategist Olivia (IG: geminitoofly) supported the production the day of the show.

(Images captured by: Ashé Davis (IG: shayshotit))

(From left to right: Isaiah, Malik, Edina)

There was majority Black staff and cast representing the diaspora, Including hairstylist: Niss (IG: niss_styles), nail artist Athena (IG: 3rosenails) VIP guests: youtuber Nate Hun (IG: natetoobad), public figure Isaiah Xavier (IG: isaiahxavier and Milan Garcon (IG: milangarcon) of Legendary season 2, Bartender Isaiah (IG: ixc_), Nail Technician Athena (IG: 3rosenails), Set Designer Malik "TigerCrane" (IG: sifu9000) Creative Director Edina Grace (IG: itsedinagrace), Photographers: Monica (IG: shotsbymoni) Ashé (IG: shayshotit), Niko (IG: niko_clo), Gandhi (IG: ghandi_leveille), Jae (IG: _jaemercado), Norwood (IG: id1est), and Videographer Soul (IG: s.o.u.l.a.s.p.h.e.r.e.). Plus models Portia (IG: im.pv), Kahrai (IG: duhkarai), Jasmin (IG: lifeofjass), Danasia (IG: iamdanasiamanaya), and E (IG:luvlye).

The images hardly compare to experiencing Haus of Phantom itself, but they are the closest you'll get unless you snag a piece from the Mount Olympus collection yourself! https://www.bephantom.com/ find the portfolio archive on IG here.

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