• Yahaira Muyea Tarr

Use These 5 Poses To Practice Mindfulness

In 2020 I reached mindfulness in my inner dialogue. As the months went by the conversation in my head increasingly centered on breathing and posture.

When I’m exhausted and or/ depressed the last thing I want to do sometimes is move my body. At home, with access to my bed, it’s appropriate to rest it off. At an 8 hour shift that’s another story. It actually makes it easier to get through the work day when I commit to my mindfulness practice. It changes the intention of the day from survival to self care.

Dedicating an hour or 5 minutes at a time to a specific focus in my breath or alignment has shifted my mind. The word Yoga describes all forms of life being in oneness with each other. In the practice, there is this intentional concentration honing in on the collective rhythm within us all.

Mindfulness can be sharpened with movement. Whether I’m on the mat or at the register I can always count on these 5 breath & pose combinations to help me check in with myself.


Tree Pose: Make sure to hit both sides with this classic. The first pose I ever learned has come full circle to teach me a lesson on grounding. Stretching my toes and calf and balancing into the ground… squaring my hips to even my spine. Bending one leg to flex and open the muscles. For full body awareness press your palms together & wiggle your fingers. Don’t forget to breathe in and out.


Sitting Squat: We want a strengthening move that compares to the buildup of an hour long session. Hold while counting to 60 then release and repeat. You definitely will evoke a strong exhale here.


Touch Your Toes: Or nose dive into your knee like the statue if you want. Just meet yourself where you’re at in this hamstring stretch. Tuck your tailbone/ strengthen your spine during this pose and look towards your belly button. Don’t forget to breathe.


Lunges: After a few of these on each side your full body is activated. Keep your knee behind your toes and roll your shoulders down while keeping your chest upright. You can stretch your arms out, bring your palms in, or place your hands on your hips. Breathe in and out!


Head Back, Arms Up: Remember to tuck your tailbone and keep your exhale strong. Intertwine your arms then head into a nose dive toward your knees and intertwine your arms behind your back. See where your body takes you next!

As long as you breathe through each of these you just benefited from a mind, body, & soul cleanse.

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