Working to Write Radically with Visualization (10.26.2020)

Originally Guest Lectured by Yahaira Tarr at:

Catapult- The Polyphonic Novel

Southern Illinois University- Creative Writing

Southern Illinois University- Fiction

with Professor Rebekah Frumkin

Warm Up:

Take 5 minutes to write the basic definitions of the words:

- Capitalism

- Supremacy

- Military

Then write an alternate definition adding any personally opinions or experiences you associate to the words.

Step 2:


Take a moment to watch this video of Angela Davis from June of 2020 during the peak (thus far) of BLM uprisings during Covid-19. 

Visualization Exercise: 

With 20 minutes on the timer write a piece (350 or more words) with a beginning, middle, and end that follows a character in a communal existence that opposes the structures mentioned in the warm up (Capitalism, Supremacy, Military).